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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animal Cruelty Case Huron County, OH, Norwalk

Excerpts  from Article from the “Norwalk Reflector”:Dog beaten to death; 2 teens charged
1. Cary Ashby , 10:48 PM, Aug 29, 2011

Kane M. Ortman, 19, of 3702 DeRussey Road, Collins, and Aaron M. Friel, 18, of South Amherst, are charged with animal cruelty in connection with an incident between Aug. 16 and 17.
"Rocky was the name of the dog. ... Rocky was about 2 years old," Norwalk Assistant Law Director T. Douglas Clifford said. "I believe he was full grown." Clifford filed the first-degree misdemeanors against each suspect Thursday in Norwalk Municipal Court on behalf of the Huron County Dog Warden's Office, which is handling the investigation.  An area woman left Rocky temporarily with Ortman because she had to move, Clifford said. "Kane was going to keep the dog for a little while and someone was going to take ownership of it (later)," he explained. Clifford said the investigation indicates that Ortman had Rocky anywhere from one day to one week before he and Friel reportedly beat the dog to death with a shovel.
When asked about a motive for killing the dog, Clifford said the investigation indicates one of the suspects said one of them was abusing Mucus Relief PM. "The story is they were abusing substances. The original allegations were cocaine, but a person in the know said it was cough syrup," Clifford said.  Clifford was asked about Friel's involvement.  "He was at Kane's residence when it happened," the prosecutor said.
The dog originally was buried on Ortman's property. Ousley said the carcass will be held at the dog warden's office as evidence until the case is closed. Ousely said this is the first time in his eight years with the office he's heard of a dog being beaten to death with a shovel.  The animal cruelty charge isn't Ortman's first brush with the law.    He faced two counts of possession of drugs stemming from a July 10, 2010 incident investigated by the Wakeman Police Department. Municipal court records further show there were two similar charges filed in connection with an Oct. 6, 2010 offense also handled by Wakeman police.
In May, Ortman was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service for a theft conviction for a May 8 incident at Walmart.  The animal cruelty charge is the only criminal charge listed for Friel in Norwalk Municipal Court.   Ortman and Friel each face up to six months in the Huron County Jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.
***Tuck's NOTE:  The court website and other news stories indicate Friel turned himself in and has a court date in September. *** Neither has yet been convicted of any crime for the killing of Rocky.

Voice your opinion to the Prosecutor that brought the charges: asstlawdir@accnorwalk.com

Rocky, may you be over the Rainbow Bridge and be happy, safe and free from cruel people!

Tuck the Law Dog

Friday, August 19, 2011

Georgia Law (Dog) - The Musings of a Legal Beagle: Dogs and Pick-up Trucks and the Law

Georgia Law (Dog) - The Musings of a Legal Beagle: Dogs and Pick-up Trucks and the Law: Dogs should never, never, ride in an open pick-up truck bed, loose nor tethered. That's basically the message I want ya'll to hear, and I ...

Dogs and Pick-up Trucks and the Law

Dogs should never, never, ride  in an open pick-up truck bed, loose nor tethered.  That's basically the message I want ya'll to hear, and I really shouldn't have to say more.  Unfortunately, there are still thoughtless and indifferent pet owners who think it is "cool" to have their dogs ride in the bed of the truck.  It's not "cool" nor is it safe.  If the vehicle has to suddenly stop, a loose dog will go flying out of the bed, and a tethered dog  could hang himself or be severely choked while flying out of the bed.  Or, a dog could see something that attracts his attention  and the dog decides to jump out of a moving vehicle to go chase it.  I was behind such a vehicle last night on the way home from work.  Two dogs were running loose in the bed of the truck, this truck traveling down the highway at over 45 miles an hour.  I exited the highway pray that these two beautiful dogs made it "home" safe--I must question the type of treatment they receive at "home" from such an indifferent, thoughtless, and yes, ignorant person.  While the enactment of an ordinance or law could help diminish this type of behavior, I like think that we could do with a few less laws, and a lot less ignorant, thoughtless people.  Stay safe, my four-legged friends.

Take care, ya'll,

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