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Tuck the Law Dog
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Piedmont Park & Atlanta Dogwood Festival = No Dogs

The 2012 Atlanta Dogwood Festival is this weekend (April 20-22). (Atlanta happenings)
Per City of Atlanta Ordinance 110-70(d), dogs are not allowed at this festival.  Any public gathering of which it is expected that attendance will exceed 10,000, (and this festival will)does not allow dogs, even though the festival is held at Piedmont Park (a public park), in Atlanta on Piedmont Road.  I have given this matter careful thought, as at first I was highly offended that  I and my other four-legged friends were not welcome.  But following some serious bone-chewing hashing over of this set-back, (during which I considered disguising myself by wearing a baby-bonnet, sunglasses, and riding inside a baby stroller) I have decided that I am in agreement with the Atlanta city officials.  While this park is very large, it quickly gets crowded by the sheer number of attendees to this festival.  There will be lots of children trampling the grass, running and screaming; dropping food all over the ground; trying to touch or even kiss me!  It can get pretty hot, and the sidewalks and asphalt can burn my tender toes.  I may be tempted to clean-up discarded onion-covered hot dogs; raisin-dotted cookies; grapes, or macadamia nuts (all of which dogs should never eat).  There isn't any doggie port-a-potties, and water may not be readily available.  And, I could get stepped on or run over by a cell-phone texting-distracted bicyclist.  Yes, it's a good idea that dogs are not allowed in such a big crowd.  So, leave us dogs at home or y'all just might get a citation.Have fun!

Tuck the Law Dog


Monday, April 9, 2012


Littering is a Crime! Pick up your trash!

Tuck at Work
I went to the park yesterday. I go most days to run on the trails. My mom always carries a “poop bag” (or two) for my “occasional spills.” On my drive to the park, I couldn’t help but notice various “human droppings” along the roadway and in the parking lots: McDonalds cups and straws, Coke cans, water bottle, thousand of cigarette butts, and even one tennis shoe (which always reminds Mom of George Carlin’s skit about “why is there always only one shoe on the road–where is the other shoe?”). Why do humans have to litter? How often do you ever see dog food cans, dog food bags, or dog toys littering the streets and parking lots? Like, never. Mom uses baby wipes following my “toilet” but, if we are out in public, she discards them into the nearest trash can, and carries the soiled ones until she finds a disposal. But that’s too much trouble for some humans–they think they are being discreet when they “place” used Pampers under their cars–and then drive off. I saw y’all. Littering is a crime. It is sad when we need an ordinance because some humans lack respect for others property, for our environment, and apparently for their own self. Use trash cans, or, keep your garbage until you get home.
Take care, y’all,
Tuck the Law Dog

Friday, April 6, 2012


Cherokee County Animal Shelter ASPCA Challenge 2012


Follow the link above and vote for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, in Cherokee County, Georgia! The facility, staff and volunteers are dedicated to helping homeless dogs and cats (like I was).

Thanks, y’all.
Tuck the Law Dog