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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Weather in Georgia is finally warming up, so I don't have to pack my sweater when I go to work. This would be all in good but warm weather brings worries to Mom about mosquitos-those  biting annoying nasty creatures that like to give out gifts of heartworm.   Mom is always torn, torn between giving me heartworm and flea preventive and the possible health dangers from the products, whether pill or topical.  Notice I didn't include flea collar because that is a big no-no with Mom.   As I have posted to y'all before, Mom doesn't like collars on dogs, only harnesses, and, never,  never collars on us little guys.  When I was rescued from the Shelter, I had been given  a topical flea and heartworm (combined)  product.  Mom decided to stay with this same product as I never had any adverse reaction to it.  And, it works as stated. Mom has asked me to urge my readers to regularly Google the type of flea/heartworm product you are using to see if there are any reports of problems with the medication, with the manufacturer, reports by the FDA, reports of problems by other users, and just to get general user feedback.  Mom checks at least every 3 months, and always before getting a refill!  When it is time for a refill of your flea or heartworm medication, ask your vet if they have received any negative reviews or warnings from the  manufacturer.  Google the name of the medication and the words "recall" "opinion" "reviews" "FDA" "adverse".   Mom gives me the heartworm medication because of my long ago brother that did get heartworms and had to undergo treatment.  He survived!  She did not  want any other dog to experience this.  So, Mom remains torn between possible unknown health issues from these medications and concern that without them, I could get heartworm.  I live in the south, so we have longer warm seasons.  Stay safe my friends.  Enjoy summer, the outdoors, and the pool, but if the mosquitos are bad, go inside.
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