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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter- Update

Supposed no-kill animal shelter euthanizes pets – Atlanta News| FOX 5.

Randy Travis, Atlanta Fox 5 TV, I-Team, has done a update to his report on the Boggs Mountain Humane Society Shelter–including the Director taking $500.00 from a man to place his dog in the Lucky Dog program, and then putting the dog down and informing him that his dog had been adopted out. See the video at Fox 5 Atlanta. There is a list of board of directors and the veterinarians who assist at this shelter (not sure how current their web page is) on the Boggs Mountain Humane Society web pages: Let them know how you feel. As of this morning, Fox 5 reports the the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has now opened a file and looking into this, stating that they are looking into “Theft by Deception” and, “Animal Cruelty.” Who else knew about the killing of these dogs–there has to be more people involved than this employee and the Director Peanut ???
Update:  Today (July 24, 2012), Randy Travis reported that the employee that broke this story to him had informed the  Board over a year ago as to what was happening, and allegedly the Board chose to ignore her information.  There is a Rabun County Commission meeting tonite, June 24, 2012, about this Shelter, as this Shelter receives tax money toward its operations.
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Again, thank you Randy Travis, Fox 5 Atlanta I-Team for exposing this tragedy.

Tuck the Law Dog

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Investigation Rabun County GA-Killing Dogs!!!


Investigation exposes humane society 'Lucky Dog' program - Atlanta News- FOX 5
Fox 5 Atlanta I-Team Randy Travis exposed this--Thank him!

This was claimed to be a no-kill shelter.  What these employees have been doing is disgusting and
possibly illegal-- if so, they should be prosecuted!  Taking $100.00  from a donor  to save a "Lucky Dog" and then euthenizing these dogs and telling the donors that the dog had been adopted or sent to another shelter!!  Watch the Fox 5 Video.  The Rabun County Sheriff and the District Attorney should review  Georgia Code 16-8-3, "Theft by Deception" and, if applicable to the circumstances, prosecute the offenders.

Voice your outrage:

Rabun County Sheriff
25 Courthouse Square, ##
Clayton, GA
PH (706) 782-3612
Fax:  (706) 782-775
Visit their site-they have a direct email.  Start emailing!!

Rabun County District Attorney
25 Courthosue Square,
Suite 121
Clayton, GA    30525
(706) 782-4501

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This is the day we annually celebrate America’s independence from England. Picnics, B-B-Q, watermelon & fireworks. How joyous Americans must have been on that 1st independence day in 1776! Freedom! Now it is 2012. America’s freedoms have been eroding ever since. Obama’s mandate that one must purchase health insurance is a tax on citizens! One will no longer be free to choose whether or not to purchase health insurance. If you don’t-you could be treated like a criminal, and, penalized by the IRS. “Don’t worry–only the “Middle Class” will be affected. Right–those that already pay taxes, work hard, try to build a better life, and don’t expect a handout–watch out! The lessor of two evils is Romney–at least he isn’t trying to crush this country with debt and socialism. Please give your vote careful consideration, my friend. Else, the 4th of July celebration may become a distant memory.

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