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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This is the day we annually celebrate America’s independence from England. Picnics, B-B-Q, watermelon & fireworks. How joyous Americans must have been on that 1st independence day in 1776! Freedom! Now it is 2012. America’s freedoms have been eroding ever since. Obama’s mandate that one must purchase health insurance is a tax on citizens! One will no longer be free to choose whether or not to purchase health insurance. If you don’t-you could be treated like a criminal, and, penalized by the IRS. “Don’t worry–only the “Middle Class” will be affected. Right–those that already pay taxes, work hard, try to build a better life, and don’t expect a handout–watch out! The lessor of two evils is Romney–at least he isn’t trying to crush this country with debt and socialism. Please give your vote careful consideration, my friend. Else, the 4th of July celebration may become a distant memory.

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Tuck the Law Dog

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