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Tuck the Law Dog
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Prenuptial Agreement & William and Kate

My legal term for the day is "Prenuptial Agreement."  But, first I want to congratulate William and Kate on this joyous day. Yes, I watched some of the proceedings, but I didn't get out of bed early enough to see the actual wedding 'cause I like to stay under the covers as long as I can.  Anyway, I heard on the news that Kate signed a prenupt.  A prenuptial agreement is signed before the marriage and identifies what property each spouse wants to maintain as their own private property, should the couple later divorce.  This type of agreement is considered usually when one of the parties has substantial assets, or, more importantly, in my opinion, when one of the petparents wants to agree as to which party the dog or cat they bring into the marriage then goes to live with -should there be a separation and/or divorce.   A prenuptial agreement does not guarantee that it will not later be contested, however.    So that's my legal term of the day.  I hope William and Kate never need to discuss this issue again.  Congratulations, ya'll!

Tuck the Law Dog

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Tornados hit throughout the south last night.  Thankfully the area where I live was spared.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people, dogs and cats that were displaced and may be separated from their homes and families.
I am one lucky dog.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birth Certificates--even Dogs have them....

Even dogs have birth certificates, or "papers."  So what's the big deal?  I just finished watching Donald Trump's interview in New Hampshire, and the response from President Obama.   Obama said he wanted to put this controversy about his birth certificate to rest--if that is so, why not produce the birth certificate two years ago and put an end to the speculation?  Why didn't Obama release his birth certificate way back then?--because he wanted to keep the controversy going, wanted to keep any type of discussion about him in the media, and apparently wants turmoil in this country.  If he is as proud to be an American  as he so professes he would have presented his birth certificate- and let us all know how proud his is to be born America.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't Tether a Dog

Tethering:  the practice of chaining  a dog usually, to a stake, or some other fixed object, usually outdoors.

Tethering is inhumane and cruel.  When my Mom learns of a dog that has been chained out, she says that whoever did that should be chained out, ignored, and left with no food and water!!  Tethering is not safe, a dog can choke, and the chain can cause damage to the dog's neck, leaving it irrated, sore and even infected.   The dog has no means of defense if attacked by other dogs or people coming after it.  Dogs that are chained constantly can become aggressive as a means of defense or because they are frightened at not being able to defend themselves.  More and more municipalities are enacting ordinances against tethering, to include totally prohibiting it, or, allowing it for short periods of time, mandating that the tether is hooked up to a trolley line, or both.  Check your local ordinances pertaining to tethering.  Hopefully, for all my dog buddies sake, you just plain won't tether at all, ordinance or not. 

Take care ya'll,

Tuck the Law Dog



Monday, April 25, 2011

Criminal Trial Week

This is the start of trial week.  My Daddy was "called  in" to court this morning on a criminal case.  The case he was called in may or may not proceed to trial.  An attorney with a case on the calendar for trial must be prepared for trial.  When trial week  looms, my Daddy and Mom work very late and on weekends, and they always bring me so that I can help them prepare the case(s).  Usually, I get a new toy 'cause they feel sorry for me having to work so much! (I got a Garfield the Cat squeaky toy this time).   Criminal cases don't always go to trial--sometimes a plea is negotiated, sometimes the case is dismissed or is "Nolle Prosequi,"  which is my criminal legal term of the day:  "Nolle Prosequi" means that at this time the prosecuting officer has decided to not prosecute (or go  further) with a criminal charge(s).   So now you have a definition and have learned Latin.

Bye, ya'll,

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Friday!

Hi ya'll-Legal Beagle here.  Today is a great day--my Daddy is in the office.  He was in court the past two days, but my mom was here.   When she isn't taking me for walks, I like to sit on the back of the couch on my blanket and look out the window at squirrels, my arch enemies.  My Aunt Diane makes me really soft and warm blankets--I have five now--my favorite is the red one with Disney characters, I like to crawl under it and sleep.  Thanks Aunt Diane & Uncle Larry!  Yesterday, a lady friend of mine (she's very pretty-Molto Bella) came to the office and brought us homemade pizza, Easter Bread (the braided kind with the colored eggs baked in it), and ricotta cheesecake)!  I got to have some pizza--yum.  I look forward to seeing her-she always let's me sit on her lap.   Grazie! lady friend.  Doggy advice-be mindful of what you feed us dogs, 'cause too much fat, sugar, and junk food,  can be harmful to our health. My Mom only lets me have a really small taste.   Anyway, now that Daddy is in the office today, I can assist him with his caselaw research.  Lawyers spend a lot of time reviewing "Opinions."  Briefly, when a higher court reviews a lower court's "decision," the higher court will issue an "Opinion."  An Opinion by a higher court is a reason or reasons reasons given for a decision of a lower court.  The higher court will either agree or disagree with the lower court's ruling.  Lawyers use these Opinions to assist in arguing on behalf of their clients.  So, that's my "Legal Word of the Day"- Opinion.
Have a "Hoppy,"  Joyous and Peaceful Easter.

Bye, Ya'll

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Life of a Legal Beagle

Let's make one thing clear-I'm not a beagle (at least I don't think so).   I am mostly Jack Russell and Chihauhau,
with a little bit of some other Terrier -or "terror" as my Mom likes to say!  My birthday was last Friday, and I got money from my Aunt Carol and Uncle Don and my Grammaw Betty.  I bought a stuffed wienie dog squeaky toy with some of my birthday money.  I had a white cake with colored sprinkles, but I wasn't allowed to eat the frosting---grrrrrr.   Gotta go--there's a bush with my name on it..  Waiting for 5:00! 
Take care ya'll!

Hi!  I go to work every day.  I love to meet and greet.