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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't Tether a Dog

Tethering:  the practice of chaining  a dog usually, to a stake, or some other fixed object, usually outdoors.

Tethering is inhumane and cruel.  When my Mom learns of a dog that has been chained out, she says that whoever did that should be chained out, ignored, and left with no food and water!!  Tethering is not safe, a dog can choke, and the chain can cause damage to the dog's neck, leaving it irrated, sore and even infected.   The dog has no means of defense if attacked by other dogs or people coming after it.  Dogs that are chained constantly can become aggressive as a means of defense or because they are frightened at not being able to defend themselves.  More and more municipalities are enacting ordinances against tethering, to include totally prohibiting it, or, allowing it for short periods of time, mandating that the tether is hooked up to a trolley line, or both.  Check your local ordinances pertaining to tethering.  Hopefully, for all my dog buddies sake, you just plain won't tether at all, ordinance or not. 

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