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Tuck the Law Dog
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Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Friday!

Hi ya'll-Legal Beagle here.  Today is a great day--my Daddy is in the office.  He was in court the past two days, but my mom was here.   When she isn't taking me for walks, I like to sit on the back of the couch on my blanket and look out the window at squirrels, my arch enemies.  My Aunt Diane makes me really soft and warm blankets--I have five now--my favorite is the red one with Disney characters, I like to crawl under it and sleep.  Thanks Aunt Diane & Uncle Larry!  Yesterday, a lady friend of mine (she's very pretty-Molto Bella) came to the office and brought us homemade pizza, Easter Bread (the braided kind with the colored eggs baked in it), and ricotta cheesecake)!  I got to have some pizza--yum.  I look forward to seeing her-she always let's me sit on her lap.   Grazie! lady friend.  Doggy advice-be mindful of what you feed us dogs, 'cause too much fat, sugar, and junk food,  can be harmful to our health. My Mom only lets me have a really small taste.   Anyway, now that Daddy is in the office today, I can assist him with his caselaw research.  Lawyers spend a lot of time reviewing "Opinions."  Briefly, when a higher court reviews a lower court's "decision," the higher court will issue an "Opinion."  An Opinion by a higher court is a reason or reasons reasons given for a decision of a lower court.  The higher court will either agree or disagree with the lower court's ruling.  Lawyers use these Opinions to assist in arguing on behalf of their clients.  So, that's my "Legal Word of the Day"- Opinion.
Have a "Hoppy,"  Joyous and Peaceful Easter.

Bye, Ya'll

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