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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rabid Dog in Cherokee County GA Exposes 11

As reported in the local news: On July 1, 2011, eleven people (two of which were reported to be the dogs owners)  from Cherokee County and nearby counties had to undergo treatment for exposure to rabies.  Why???  The dogs owners failed to vaccinate their dog against rabies.  Apparently the dog bit its two owners, which then exposed the 9 other people that were at the home to include the dog owner's children and out of county visitors.  This dog died a horrible death suffering from rabies.  This dog is reported to have also bitten a pig, which then had to be euthanized.  Tuck's reader's know that Tuck is against over vaccinating dogs--but that he strongly supports getting dogs vaccinated for rabies.   Rabies vaccinations are sponsored in Cherokee County at Pet Stores, private pet foundations and organizations, and at county supported events, often for a minimal fee usually averaging $7 to $10 dollars.  Events are even offered whereby neither you nor your dog have to get out of your car, you just "drive thru" and your pet can be vaccinated at this minimal cost.  Tuck understands that there are families that cannot afford to pay for a vet visit and a vaccination, which normally runs about $75 - $80 dollars.  However, if you can afford a cell phone or cable TV, then there is no reason you cannot pay $7 to $10 for a rabies vaccine!  If not, then you should not take on the responsibility of bringing a dog into your life.    This failure to expend $7 - $10 has resulted in pain and suffering for this dog, loss of life for this dog and the pig, and pain and suffering and probably extensive medical bills for this family and their friends for  undergoing rabies treatment.  Please make sure your dog has a rabies vaccine.  If you are as concerned as Tuck is about over-vaccinating, you can ask your vet for a Titer test, keeping in mind that Georgia Law requires a rabies vaccine at least every three years. 

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