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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Death Penalty for Dogs

Tuck the Law Dog is and will continue to be a champion of animal rights and animal safety.  Today, however, I want my readers to be aware of a vicious dog attack that occured recently in Forsyth County, Georgia, for which I will provide a link.  Two Pit Bulls (they just happen to be the breed of dog I am referring to in this incident, and in no way am blaming the Pit Bull breed in intself, 'cause I know some very sweet tempered lovable Pit Bulls)  apparently broke out of the basement where their owner kept them
(that in itself appears cruel) went into the pasture next door, and viciously attacked a horse.  The pictures of this poor horse are so sad and pitiful--it's face and legs chewed to shreds.  The horse had to be put down.
Just as human criminals that are sentenced to death for their egrigious, vicious and sadistic crimes, regretably, so should these two dogs be put down for what they did to that horse.  I say regretably, because a large part of the blame for what these dogs did ultimately is the result of their treatment and the living conditions inflicted upon them by their owner(s).   I do not buy the excuse  some criminal use to mitigate their crimes by claiming that their behavior is a result of abuse by their parents--most humans can make logical decisions,  and know right from wrong, and choose to commit crimes.  These dogs, could not reason like a human, and due to abuse by their owner,  will likely harm another creature if allowed again to be free.  It is very sad.  I can't get the pictures of that poor horse out of my head, nor the thought that two dogs should be put down due to an uncaring owner.  May that lovely horse rest in peace. 
This story can be found at: 

Pit Bulls Kill Horse  http://www.forsythnews.com/section/6/article/10478/

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Tuck the Law Dog

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