Tuck the Law Dog

Tuck the Law Dog
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As my readers know, I was adopted from a shelter.  I am so very, very grateful to have my own bed, and a zillion toys, and a fenced yard to run around in.  My Mom & Dad say they are the lucky ones to have found me.  They say their lives are happier, more meaningful, and a lot more active (they emphasize  the more active part).  I guess it's the Jack Russell in me.  I was pre-housetrained, too!
Please don't buy from a Puppy Mill.  Please go to your local animal shelter and give a pet a new home.  And, if you cannot adopt or rescue a dog, donate what you can to your local shelter, even if it is the price of a cup of coffee.  Animal shelters always can use:  Money, food, toys, towels, paper-towels, or even your time.  
Take care, y'all.

Tuck the Law Dog


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