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Monday, January 28, 2013

Rainbow Bridge Anipals

      I realize I have not blogged since before the Christmas holidays. That does not mean to say that I have abandoned Blogger.  I remain here, in the background, checking comments that my readers have so gratiously  taken the time to leave for me.  I so appreciate each and every response and suggestion, and compliments from y'all.  Your kind words turn a stressful day into a happy relaxation. And,  I am so honored and grateful for the ever increasing page views.  So many of my readers have such interesting and helpful blogs here on Blogger and on Wordpress.  I have been educated on dog health, dog food, animal laws from many countries, animal rights organizations, human health and nutrition, history, travel, and so many other topics from Bloggers. 
      If you are on Twitter or Facebook, I also check my Twitter and Facebook pages daily.   I now have over 500 Twitter followers. I have met so many "anipals" on Twitter and enjoy meeting each and every one.  I don't just click the "follow" button.  I will check you out, see what interests you, where you are from, and "talk" to you.    I am interested in each and every anipal and their human that follows me, and have enjoyed many a lively discussion with most.
     Thanks to Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter and Facebook, I now have friends and anipals from all over the world.  I am learning words from languages other than English with the assistance of Google and Bing Translate, or with Babelfish.  Do you know what BOL or MOL mean?  Why, Bark Out Loud and Meow Out Loud!
       So if you Tweet, give me a shout out at:   Twitter.com/TuckTheLawDog.
       Leave your comments here on Blogger or at Wordpress. I will be blogging.
       I enjoy all this social media and am grateful for everyone new friend I have met. 
       And to Archie (Facebook & Twitter) and Austin (Twitter) who have this January 2013, taken the 
       journey to the Rainbow Bridge, enjoy being healthy and able to run and play like puppies    
       once again, my friends. 
       Take care, y'all.
       Tuck the Law Dog

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