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Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's been in the 90's here in the south for the past few days.  So once again, it's time for that annual warning to not leave your dog (or any other animal) in a parked car, even with the windows cracked open.  Even when the temperature is hovering around 80 degrees, a vehicle's inside temperature can rise to 120 degrees in a few minutes.  You humans know that in warm weather it can get very hot and stuffy in a parked car even with all the windows rolled down!  Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke, and heat stroke can lead to brain damage and death.   Make sure your dog has lots of fresh water during the summer.   Keep my buddies out of the sun when it is especially hot.  Dogs can get sunburned, too.    Ask your vet about what kind of sunblock or lotion can be used on a dog's nose and ears.  And remember, the pavement can get very, very hot, which can burn the pads of a dogs foot.  So be careful.  My Mom feels the pavement with her hands, and if it feels too hot, she carries me (that doesn't work with you big dogs) or we take a different route, or try to walk on the grass.  Avoid too much exercise in the hot weather.  If you go for walks, bring a small water bottle with you.  My Mom carries
small bottles of water, a bowl, and a dropper everywhere we go.  Be every mindful that intentionally leaving a dog in a parked car in the hot weather resulting in a significant rise in the vehicles interior temperature such that physical damage or death is caused to the dog, can be result in the owner or whoever caused the situation, to be arrested and convicted for animal cruelty.  Take care of my buddies, and have a safe and fun summer, ya'll.

Tuck The Law Dog
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  1. Many clients ask our veterinarians what they can do if they see a pet locked in a car on a hot day. It doesn't seem that Georgia has enacted any specific law against this. What can concerned pet lovers legally do in this situation? Thanks!!