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Monday, May 16, 2011

Carlos Santana and Immigration Laws

Carlos Santana made the national news yesterday when, at an Atlanta Braves baseball game, he cried out that the people of Arizona and Georgia should be "ashamed" of themselves for supporting the immigration bill.  Mr. Santana should be ashamed of himself for proclaiming his belief that it is ok for someone to break the laws of our country.  We are a nation of laws.  For a nation to survive there must be law and order.  I am proud of our great country and the fact that so many  want to live here because it is so great.  I don't care if you are  Hispanic, Chinese, Russian...my own heritage is Chihuahua (part Hispanic) and Jack Russell (English).  I love everybody and pray for a happy life for everyone.   However, if one wants to live in the United States, they should go through the proper paperwork and process which will enable them to become a legal citizen.  Why should someone risk their life, their families lives, to come here illegally, and then have to live their lives in fear of being arrested, jailed and deported?  Mr. Santana, no one should be ashamed for respecting and supporting the law. If a law needs to be changed, there is a process for that and it is NOT by breaking the law.  Shame on you, Carlos Santana, for supporting those that break the law.  I lift my right back leg to you.

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