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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dogs Baths and Safe Dog Shampoos

Well, I just had my bath.  Dad was calling me "Stinky" all day--not nice!  I smell real good now.  My Mom is a bit of a fanatic when it comes to selecting my shampoo.  That's probably why "my" bathtub is lined with a "Who's Who" of dog shampoos.  I don't really have my own bathroom--but I'm the one that gets the most use out of the bathtub. I thought I would review the Shampoos my Mom has selected (for now-she's always reviewing products).    When I first came to Mom and Dad's I developed a rash on my tummy.  So to start ruling out irritants (besides narrowing my food to a single protein source), Mom reviewed opinions and reviews on-line about dog shampoos.  She researched any unfamiliar ingredient    She told me that long, long ago when her dogs Deigo and Bear were alive, she used Hartz Mountain products 'cause there was not the extensive line of dog shampoos as there are today.  Mom no longer buys  Hartz Mountain.  Tonite my shampoo was "NuHemp 369 Botanicals,"  (http://www.nuhemp.com/) It is made in Canada.   The label ingredients include Organic ingredients to include Alfalfa, Chamomile, Echinacea, Coconut Oil, Apple Essence, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Pumpkins Seed, and Hemp seed--this list is not inclusive--please see label. The label states NO sulfates, steroids, cortisone, DEA, Propylene, or animal by-products.  My coat smells nice and I don't scratch after a bath.  Mom gets it at PETCO.   I've also been shampooed with "Earthbath" Shampoo-"Mango Tango."  The label states that it contains purified water, "Natural cleansers"  aloe vera, mango essence, olive oil, and does NOT contain DEA, parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes or perfumes.  It is used by many of the dog groomers in the area and sold many private pet stores and  was recommended to Mom.  I scratched after this one but Mom will put it in the rotation again, to see if I scratch again after its use.    Another of Mom's favorite is "Tropiclean" the "puppy hypo-allergic" formula.  It contains Oatmeal and Vitamin E, as well as organic Aloe Leaf and mild coconut oil.  It is made in the USA---ww.tropiclean.net  After my bath  I smell like sun tan lotion (coconut).  Lastly, Mom also likes "Pet Promise" Comfort Wash with Oatmeal, aloe and Vitamin E.  It contains NO DEA, laurel sulfates, parabens, artificial preservatives or colors.  Although all these products claim to be soap free, Pet Promise also states on its label that it is soap free and won't impact Advantage, Frontline, Bio Spot.  Mom also uses oatmeal bath powder in my bathwater, 'cause it soothes my skin.  She also uses a conditioner made by NuHemp, even though NuHemp shampoo and Earthbath are a shampoo and conditioneor in one.  Mom also uses a hypo-allergenic, no dyes or perfumes laundry soap as I burrow under the sheets to sleep.  The prices range from about $5.00 for NuHemp (12 oz); $10.00 for Tropiclean, (16 0z) and  $12.00 fro Earthbath (16 oz).  They all make my coat shine, but you have to make sure to rinse very well and get all the shampoo out.  There's other good dog shampoos out there.  Mom has tried others but avoids anything with laurel sulfates, DEA, parabins, steroids, propolyne glycol. Hope this info helps you guys, and, if you have any other suggestions, please let Mom know.

Take care, ya'll,

Tuck the Law Dog

*** These are my Mom's opinions.  Mom is not offering recommendations nor advice but just giving her opinioin on my reactions (and hers) to these products.    Do your research and get other opinions and reviews of these products.  Ask your Vet, too.


  1. We also use Nuhemp, but recently found out it has been discontinued,as the company has gone out of business. We still look for it, but no luck
    -Fynn the Sheltie, and Buttons the tuxedo cat

    1. Yes, the last pet store I purchased it had it marked for clearance and they weren't getting any more. Tropiclean is good.