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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dog Food and FDA Warning Letters

I just heard Mom let out a big sigh of relief. She had just read about the latest May 5, 2011, FDA letter to Evanger’s Pet food in Illinois:
and was thankful that I am allergic to duck and would never had bought this product, and thankful that she no longer buys from this manufacturer due to the highly publicized articles in the news about Evangers manufacturing plant’s questionable quality control, and the owner’s arrests for allegedly diverting gas from the plant’s gas meter. Note that the owners have been charged but not yet convicted. After the pet food recall of 2007, Mom follows many pet message boards daily and gets emails daily about recalls related to pet food, pet toy, anything pet, as well as recalls concerning you humans. I am not singling out Evangers, as there are numerous other pet food manufacturers that have been cited for questionable and dangerous manufacturing of pet food, but citing this as a recent FDA warning letter that dog owner’s should be aware of.
Why would Evanger’s do anything that would send the wrath of the FDA down upon them, considering their history of involvement with the FDA. Maybe the FDA is wrong this time–I don’t know, but the Evanger’s have posted a letter on their website with a copy of an independent test result on this food, these test results apparently contradicting the FDA. Mom had just hoped and prayed that she wouldn’t have to worry about what she fed me. She reviews the history of every dog food prior to feeding it to me, and I also eat home-cooked meat and vegetables and fruit.
I’ve dodged another bullet.
"One is innocent until proven guilty!”

Take care, ya’ll,

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