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Friday, May 13, 2011

Casey Anthony Jury Selection

Jury selection  for the Casey Anthony criminal trial was on the TV all week.  I had a front row seat stretched out on "my" couch at the office.  Mom and Dad either have True TV, Fox, HLN, or CNN airing all day.  Most times, it's background noise, 'cause everyone is busy either researching, investigating, writing, or calling people.   I just don't understand how a mother could take 30 days to finally report that her child was missing.  This defendant's tears appear to be "crocodile" tears--and, if her tears are genuine, they are likely flowing as a response to her contemplating the prospect of life in prison.    Jury selection was still going on when I left work late this afternoon--and I understand it is continuing through the weekend.  Jury selection is in Pinellas County and the trial will be in Orange County.  The jurors are going to be "sequestered" through
out the trial. "Sequestered", my legal term of the day, means that the jurors will not be able to go home, and will reside and take their meals in a hotel.  The jurors are usually instructed to not watch TV or read newspapers, so that they don't get influenced in their decision outside of what takes place in court--(I think its way too late to prevent outside influence!)  It is going to be a long, arduous process for all parties involved. There's going to be some  very lonely dogs missing their pet-parents.  Maybe, like me, they will be able to see their Mom and Dad on TV.

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