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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead & Wild Mushrooms

My topic for this day is wild mushrooms, but I feel I must mention the death of Bin Laden.  While no death should be a joyous occassion,  this particular passing merits a cheeringly  loud, neighborhood-waking bark of  Woof!  Woof!   I wasn't yet born during 9-11, but my parents personally know three people that lost their lives in the towers.    Why can't everyone just get along?    Life is so short and goes by soooo fast.  I like and want to have fun with every dog I meet, big, small, fat, skinny, young, old, brown, white, yellow, and even those bright pink-dyed poodles.  
Spring rains are here.  Speaking from personal experience,  if you have a dog, please be very, very aware of wild mushrooms growing in your yard.  They can be deadly.  I was playing outside at work, and then came in.  My Mom noticed that I was sitting kind of quiet and then I started drooling and then threw up.  She rushed me to the vet.  I ended up in the hospital.  A quick-thinking vet filled me up with charcoal and fluids and saved my life.  My Mom examined what I threw up and found a piece of mushroom.   I was really out of it until the next morning, as I was actually "tripping" on the mushroom.    Since that day Mom daily checks our yard at home and at work for mushrooms and gets rid of them.  It is also advisable to provide your vet with any vomit or feces as they can provide a valuable clue as to what ails us dogs.

Take care, ya'll


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